• Image of BBR#30 Terry Vs Tori 6 Track Limited Edition 7" EP

Hailing from Spain, pop quartet Terry Vs Tori are impossible to resist. This 6 track EP is full of summer joy and boundless youth!
Sprinting off from the running blocks with 'Larusso' and its pop energy leading on to exclusive track 'Parallel Lines' (the full version is a download extra) and then 'Leap Day'...Side B contains the perfect 'Holiday Inn' sandwiched between the 2 hyper tracks 'Hit & Miss' & 'Dream Wild' full of shimmering rhythms..if you loved the Field Route, Lost Tapes & Shy Boys releases then this is one to snap up!
Its like a punchy, feisty version of The Sundays..

The release comes in a double sided sleeve in various colours/cards with a double sided insert and sealed envelope containing a 10 track download code (including the jawdropping cover of SZA's 'Love Galore'), BBR Letter, BBR Popcard #2, personalised confetti and a sealed package containing a set of random photo slides dating from the 1960s - 1980's - every set different in each copy!
What slides will you get ?

Track List -
Side A-
1. Larusso
2. Parallel Lines (Edit) (BBR Exclusive)
3. Leap Day

Side B-
1. Hit & Miss
2. Holiday Inn
3. Dream Wild

Download Extras -
High Tide
Love Galore (SZA cover version)

Coming Soon