• Image of BBR#17 UNHAPPY SHOPPERS Limited Edition 6 track 7" E.P


Unhappy Shoppers are a bunch of youngsters from Ashton-Under-Lyne (?!?Amazing).. who make that kind of DIY manual play-everything-by-hand electronica usually associated with early Isan, Lali Puna, City Centre Offices and MORR Music..except they've never heard of these 'cos they're so young! (Im not even joking!). Thus making it genius as its influenced by no-one you'd expect and its their sound.
Anyway...its a 6 track 7" E.P/ 7 track download and its a belter.
From the hi-powered electrodreampop of 'Horsepower And The Modern Slog'..the mini-tech of 'Ersatz Beat'..the smokey coldwave goth of 'Untitled 2' & 'Save As' to the MORR Music pure analogue casio pop of 'Every Day' & 'Bag'...every track is a winner.
The download only track 'Aisle 6' is a twinkling beauty too.

Tracklist -
1. Horsepower And The Modern Slog.
2. Ersatz Beat.
3. Every Day.

4. Untitled 2.
5. Bag.
6. Save As

7. Aisle 6 (Download Extra).

Contains -
6 track 7", double sided sleeve, double sided insert & colouring pencils to colour in the insert! + envelope containing download code, BBR Letter & Confetti bag.
Just wait till you see the band portrait!

Limited to 250 numbered copies.