BBR is an ideal, a chance & a pedestal to release music by those who should have their sound released in a physical classic format more than just a ghostly download file; because on vinyl is where they belong. Its about making those more accessible and beautifully collectable for those who genuinely adore music and having the music/artwork/presentation working in unison to make something unique.

A little something, each element a tiny gesture, for those that still believe in the 7" format and cramming each release with as much music/art/goodness as possible and because these artists have, more than anything else, enthusiasm to create their own sound and record it by whatever means possible.

Theres no really musical aesthetic to BBR, its not tied to one genre..its all over the place. Which is why releases range from dreampop, spacerock, C86 jangle, minimal acoustics, psych, 60s psychedelia, electro, IDM, avante noise & noiserock.
Its just all quality filler!

Each release was only between 100-150 copies, but now I press 250 copies as releases were flying out so fast people were missing out.. each release will be packaged in a unique sleeve with inserts, artwork, download codes and much more relating to the artist/band and each 7" plays at 33rpm to get as much music on to each release as possible.

This also an opportunity for exposure for new artists who work with the bands in designing the sleeves etc.
Its not about me...its about them..and you!

Its for all you box bedroom rebels..this is your nudge.

[ Box Bedroom Rebels is named after a quote by Jo O'Keefe who was featured in the 1987 South Bank Show Documentary on The Smiths ]