• Image of BBR#40 CUT CITY 'Rage At The Badlands' Limited Edition 8 track 7" E.P


So here's a story..
Years ago I asked Cut City if I could release an E.P by them, unknown to me that the band had ceased years before and was on a long term haitus, exhaused & tired, and that their last album, the stunning 'Where's The Harm In Dreams Disarmed' was pieced together like a post punk jigsaw smeared with lush shoegaze psychedelics and doomed rage long after the band was active (check out tracks 'Void' & 'A Modest Recovery'.. mindblowing).
Their debut album 'Exit Decades' was a jagged, raw new wave masterpiece, dark, intense, droning, full of pointed angst, staring into the void pushed through a stack of reverb units, a euphoric beauty (check out 'Like Ashes, Like Millions', 'Just Pornography' & 'The Dull Miles').
For a while it was thought this was Interpol on the sly..its more consistent than anything they ever did and a reference im sure they're tired of as there is more of a Joy Division post punk influence in there.
This band propelled in dynamics..
So I loved their sound..and they are a hugely underated band; thats official.
So it was explained what had happened but another side project was offered, demo's of tracks were sent over but it never evolved into a release; apologies were sent.......................then silence.

During the first lockdown the band got back together to perform 'Where's The Harm In Dreams Disarmed' in full as it had never been played out..it was a live stream from a living room...fans reacted and the band, suprised, started writing again..from this came the 'Absolutes' E.P, a glorious 12" soaked in 80s Nu Wave influence ( 'Untitled Dancers' is a fave track).

Then I get a message...."We really owe you an E.P"

The band had been secretly recording tracks for a possible 3rd album which is now to be released by California's Garagerock Records, and wrote 8 tracks just for Box Bedroom Rebels..this E.P is so exclusive its ridiculous!
Described as a homage to the late 70s/ early 80s skateboard culture & American post punk bands they loved (Dag Nasty, Black Flag, Rites of Spring, Husker Du etc) this E.P is a collection of ramped up melodic power pop; tracks burst with hooks, harmonies and shimmering guitars; everything from the previous releases is there just more concise, direct, to the point and done in around 2 minutes. Its an 8 track vinyl EP and not a second is wasted. Post punk power pop perfection thats a joy to the ears and a rush of adrenaline for the first release of 2022! These songs explode with euphoric choruses and positivity.

Track List -

Side A.
1. Skate Dogs
2. Slamma II
3. Rigged, Ripped And Damaged
4. Outrun (Negative Space)

Side AA.
1. Outrun (Merge)
2. Gator
3. Speed Freaks
4. Have You Seen Him ?

The download version of this E.P Includes both parts of 'Outrun' merged and mixed into a whole new track.

8 track 7" 33rpm E.P house in a numbered risograph double sided sleeve with a 16 page booklet and envelope containing 9 track download code, personalised confetti bag, Cut City Stickers, skateboard stickers, BBR History Part 7 & BBR Letter.

Limited to only 250 copies.