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Gerald Tenderfly 4 Track numbered E.P

We're back!!
After a break way to long Broken Dancefloors is back with an absolute killer 7" from the North West's Gerald Tenderfly who has delivered a stunning E.P of tracks mixing glitched Dubstep rhythms, fractured garage, squelching acid with gorgeous melodies, woozy dreamlike harmonies and lush smack-a-smile-on-your-chops euphoria. A danceable feast for you!
Imagine Boards of Canada, Pye Corner Audio or any of the bands on the sadly long gone Expanding Records flirting with dubstep basslines and more layered melancholia..with a touch of AFX; thus making a straight up killer EP of dance music. This music harks back to the golden era of Warp Records!
Opener 'Heron Stance' is a gorgeous slice of dreamlike dubstep full of ghostly chords that just keep swelling & layering while the basslines pulsates and the percussions go into a frenzy..then that gorgeous twinkling harmony comes in, fracturing then bouncing back for an encore.
'Trapped' is a led by a sweet finger plucked spanish guitar loop & skittering rhythms..then that sub-bassline drops in and we're off..this song is pure summery joy.
'Inhale, Oh Van' is another gorgeously bittersweet souful sci-fi boogie that skitters around its steppa beats before taking off, upping the beats and weaving a beautiful gentle acid melody to carry you off.
Closer track 'Please Stand By' is the sound of a musicbox slowly going insane and being dipped in acid, with its wind-up music-box melody starting before the percussion starts to click in, as it builds we get a full on acid house melody that doubles and builds before it all comes together.

This EP also contains 4 extra download tracks that span genres and throws mentalist Drum N Bass in the mix on one track while another is pure Analord!
Bijou bangers indeed !

This stunning EP comes houses in a double sided, numbered Kraft card sleeve with a screenprinted smiley on one side with 2 inserts (artist portrait & reproduction of a classic piece of 80s anti-acid house propaganda), 8 track download code, Smiley Sticker and BRKN note.

Tracklist -
Side A.
1. Heron Stance.
2. Trapped.

Side B.
1. Inhale, Oh Van.
2. Please Stand By.

Download Extras -
Falles 4
Anman 17
Cack 14